Parent's Stories & Testimonials

Often parents share their stories with us and want to tell others so they don't feel alone as they struggle with the grief, having lost a much loved child.


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We also want to share with you the amazing research that is being undertaken to help find the answers to why babies die in thier sleep. The team at the Ritchie Centre for Baby Health Research at the Monash Medical Centre are amazing and we really value the research they are undertaking to tackle this question mark in our lives. 

Click here to know more about the Kaarene Fitzgerald Research Fellow Dr Stephanie Yiallourou's work and why she chose this area of research

Recently Soraya shared her story of her brave son Ibrahim, who drowned whilst trying to save his sister - an amazing act of bravery.

Click here to read Soraya's story.

Paula, a Midwife knew something was wrong when her baby, just a couple of days over her due date, wasn't moving - unfortunatley an ultrasound held her worst fears.

Click here to read Paula's story.

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