Did you know SIDS and Kids Victoria receive less than 1% funding from the government?

We are funded primarily by the generosity of the community.

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SIDS and Kids Victoria

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By donating to SIDS and Kids Victoria, you help to:

• Support the parents of around 65,000 new babies born each year in Victoria
• Support approximately 300 new families each year whose child has died suddenly and unexpectedly
• Educate new parents about safe sleeping environments for babies, to help reduce the incidence of SIDS
• Offer a 24 hour crisis help line staffed by counsellors and trained parentsupporters
• Provide outreach bereavement support by telephone, home visits and at our “lounge room” in Malvern
• Support families in all regions of Victoria, with offices in the Barwon and Grampian areas.

• Educate health professionals, emergency responders and midwives about child safety

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